Funerals, Ashes Scatterings, Memorials and End of Life Ceremonies

At the time of the death of a loved one or family member it can be difficult to think clearly about how you would wish for their funeral to be. Some wish to make it a celebration of the life that has been, for others a quieter honouring and acknowledgement of the loss is their preference and need.

This is where it may help to have a Celebrant come and sit with you, to talk about your wishes and those of the deceased, if they had been discussed previously. It is then my 'task' as Celebrant to pull together all the elements and weave them into a Ceremony that feels right for all parties; albeit a full burial service and graveside blessing or a shorter Crematorium Ceremony. It may be that there has already been a cremation at an earlier time, so that a ceremony for the scattering of ashes is required. This can be in a special or meaningful place and a time of closeness for friends and family members with appropriate words to allow for the healing process to begin.

Memorial Ceremonies take place separately after a funeral where the individual is remembered and their life is celebrated and their loss acknowledged. These ceremonies are created in the same way, with close liaison with and support of those involved in the planning process.

Sometimes as individuals approach the time of their death they have a desire to make plans for their own funerals or would just like someone other than loved ones to talk about their experience. I can offer a service of visiting, listening and planning that may be cathartic to both the individual and their family and friends, all knowing that their wishes are being heard to later be carried out.

I have a current certificate from Disclosure Scotland which can be shown on request.

Performing Unique Funerals

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