A funeral celebrant is someone qualified to host and officiate funeral services. As well as conducting the funeral itself (non –religious and semi religious), celebrants are involved in planning the order of service, music, writing the eulogy and creating a meaningful service for the person who has died.
One of the biggest benefits of a celebrant led funeral is their openness and inclusivity. They allow you to create a ceremony that is a true reflection of the deceased.

Many feel that typical funerals don’t offer any kind of emotional weight or psychological transformation, despite this being a huge part of the grieving process.

However, a funeral celebrant will try to bring a sense of light to the ceremony, reminding the mourners that the individual lived a beautiful, meaningful life.

It also gives you the flexibility to factor in different beliefs and wishes, without being tied to a specific structure.
This will be included as part of the costs you pay to the Funeral Director.
As part of the service I will carry out a home visit where I will ask questions to attain information, stories and memories. Some areas you may wish to think about include.

-Where the deceased was born and grew up
-Siblings and family members they grew up with
-School days and childhood stories
-Partners, children, grandchildren and other family members
-Closest friends
-Armed forces/National Service
-Career plans and places of work
-Groups and societies belonged to
-Interests and achievements
-Favourite memories
-Musical tastes
-Significant events
-Sayings and stories
-What will you most remember them for?
-Did the deceased make any personal requests about their own funeral?
-Will anybody else be speaking at/participating in the service?
It’s your choice. Many people will leave the bulk of the funeral to the Celebrant, which is perfectly normal and understandable given the circumstance.

However, should you wish for a family member or friend to speak, carry out a reading or maybe recite a poem that is perfectly fine and will be discussed as part of my home visit and our time working together.

Should you wish for hymns or a prayer to be included in the ceremony, I can also easily accommodate.
Naturally there is an order to the day, however it is completely up to you should you wish to devise a printed order of service to support.
Yes, I can hold a service or celebration of life wherever you wish it to be.
A Humanist Celebrant conducts non - religious ceremonies only. Independent Celebrants are not as strict and are willing to incorporate acts of religious worship such as hymns and prayers.